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Three areas each with a different character: VIRIEU, LES CROIX and NOTRE-DAME
The sound garden designed as a walking trail bringing together eleven sonorous objects that use the wind and water.The windmill that once spun silk, the Maison du Parc, is part of the historic Virieu area, alongside the castle, the ramparts and the former covered market which look out over the valley.


This medieval village is a must-see for your stay.
A church (11th and 17th centuries), castle ruins, salt store and most of the houses' renaissance facades are what make this town of interest. Saut de Lorette waterfall


This village occupies the very building that was once the Sainte-Croix Carthusian monastery, and is ranked one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Les Crets

Reading and orientation table at the 1432m-high Crêt de La Perdrix, where you will look out over South East France with spectacular views from Jura to Mont Ventoux from the North to the South, with the full range of the Alps in front of you.


Saint-Etienne Church, a 12th-century tympanum.
Maison de la Gabelle (16th century), a former salt store.


A lacemaking workshop as it was in the last century.

The Terrace/Dorlay

Braids and Laces Museum, dating to 1920.

Peaugres  Wildlife Park

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